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2002 Cadbury's Jubilee Freddo. Cadburys announce release of life sized Freddo (5ft) to commemorate the Queens Jubilee. Doctors alert parents to the dangers of child gorging.

2000: One of centuries top inventions. Freddo Frog voted 3rd top invention of 20th century by New York based Time magazine.

1996: Freddo cloned. Scottish scientists claim to have unlocked Freddo's secret through cloning.


The Freddo Mystery

Above: A picture of a tin that helps
confirm the inventor of Freddo Frog
was an employee of MacRobertsons.

Cadbury's Australia continues to cloud Freddo's history as details of inventor and company become confused.

Cadburys conflicting Histories:
Harry Melbourne (1930 McPherson)
Lesley Atkinson (1929 MacRobertson)


FreddoFrog.Com Ode

A Haiku Ode to Freddo Moving into the sun
the frog takes with him
soft chocolate shadow.

History of Freddo Frog

The history of Freddo Frog is hotly disputed by Substantial evidence exists to show his "arrival" dates back before modern western civilisation.

However, agrees that the modern inventor of the modern day icon was probably MacRobertson's of Australia in 1930. FreddoFrog.Com salutes you MacRobertson's. Note: It has been suggested that one employee from MacRobertson confectionery was a keen traveler and had participated in several South American trecks in the 20's. However no evidence exists to whether that employee ever set eyes on the Frog Valleys (Seis Ranas).

Protecting the Formula

Today only three people know the Freddo formula (known collectively as the Green Sages). To prevent the formula being lost it is necessary that the Sages travel separately...

Why a Frog?

It is believed MacRobertson's chose a frog as a mouse would scare women and children.

Historical Fact: People in the 1930's were unable to determine the difference between Chocolate Mice and the Hairy Biological ones.

Note: Rumors that the inventor chose a chocolate Frog due to his intense dislike for Australia's other Animals including the Furry Nosed Wombat and the loveable Koala (Animals that were believed to have mauled him during a Hunting trip to the Blue Mountains in 1928) have never been verified and are unlikely to be true.

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